Dellose & DiFonzo Associates, LLC separates the work we do from others in the overcrowded marketplace by retaining retired federal, state, county and local law enforcement associates with a vast amount of experience in serving all sectors. Our licensed, bonded and insured investigators are accomplished in conducting major criminal and civil investigations.


Comprehensive Background Investigations

  • Administrative/Teacher/Support Employee
  • Health Care/Medical Facility
  • Child-Care Affiliated Service
  • Business/Industry
  • State/Government Appointee
  • Delaware Division of Gaming
  • Professional Sports
  • Internal Investigations
Criminal Investigations

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Cold Case Analysis
  • Witness Interview
  • National & Local Witness Locates
  • Pre-trial Investigation Strategy
  • Collect, Document and Analyze Evidence
Civil Investigations

  • Personal Injury
  • Workers Compensation
  • Asset Searches
  • Missing Persons
  • Workplace Discrimination
  • Theft/Embezzlement
  • Motor Vehicle
  • White Collar
  • Insurance (defense-related)
  • DMV searches
  • Polygraph Testing


  • School Security and Safety Surveys
    Dellose & DiFonzo is experienced with school safety, security and crisis management. We conduct school safety audits and assessments and create school-specific security plans.
  • Business Security and Safety Surveys
  • Physical Security
  • Workplace Violence
  • Crisis Management
  • Risk & Threat Assessments


Dellose & DiFonzo Associates LLC, in association with Forensic Consulting of New England (FCANE), offers fingerprint services to business, industry, education and law enforcement. Our associates are certified federal, state, county and local law enforcement instructors and include members of the International Association of Identification (IAI). Our fingerprint services associates are nationally trained law enforcement, federal government and state personnel.
  • Electronic and Inked Fingerprinting
  • Large and small projects for businesses, industry and education
  • Training for private and public sector in the “Science of Taking Qualified Fingerprints”
  • Latent Fingerprint Recovery

Customized Training:

Dellose & DiFonzo Associates LLC has training for both the law enforcement and private sectors.
Call us with your specific needs. We will customize a course for you if it is not already one of our regularly scheduled courses listed below.

Law Enforcement Training:

Q: Where can I get training for my Crisis Negotiators at my police department?
A: Dellose & DiFonzo offers:
Crisis Negotiation & Suicide Intervention In A 5 Day Course…

Q: Do you have training in Fingerprint Classification…? I need it to qualify on our PD’s IAFIS?
A: Dellose & DiFonzo offers:
Fingerprint Classification, Identification & Comparison In A 5 Day Course…

Q: We have our own Police Academy…where can I get training in the Instructor Development program?
A: Dellose & DiFonzo offers:
Basic Law Enforcement Instructor Development In A 5 Day Course…

Q: We have a need for Interview & Interrogation Training, do you provide?
A: Dellose & DiFonzo offers:
Interview / Interrogate The Person Of Interest In A 3 Day Course…

Q: We are a small department and our officers do everything from start to finish in a case. Can we get criminal investigation training?
A: Dellose & DiFonzo offers a:
Criminal Investigative Course In A 3 Day Course…

Dellose & DiFonzo also offers the following 1 Day Courses:

Patrol Officer: First Responder To A Crisis Intervention In A 1 Day Course…
Introduction To Missing/abducted Child Investigations In A 1 Day Course…

Private Sector Training:

Dellose & DiFonzo provides customized training to the private sector in the areas of:

  • Workplace Violence
  • Crisis Management
  • Terrorism
  • Interview and Interrogation

Dellose & DiFonzo will tailor the training for your company to meet your specific needs.