Michael J. Dellose

Michael J. Dellose – a 25-year veteran of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, was assigned to the Boston, MA; Dayton, OH; Philadelphia, PA; Newtown Square, PA; and Wilmington, DE Offices. During his tenure with the FBI, Mike’s wide range of knowledge and skills has distinguished him nationally in the field of criminal investigations such as kidnappings, extortions, bank robberies, fugitives, labor racketeering as well as white collar crimes and undercover work. Mike achieved distinction in the Organized Crime Program specifically dealing with a nationally known outlaw motorcycle gang. Hehas prominently served in the capacity of Lead Investigator in charge of high-profile background checks for candidates such as federal judges, White House appointees and United States attorneys. Mike has transitioned his background as an FBI SWAT Team Member and Defensive Tactics Instructor into his retirement where he serves the public sector and private sectors as a security consultant and private investigator. Mike has been instrumental in managing his associates in affiliation with the Delaware Gaming Background Project. Mike has also initiated a comprehensive, twofold program for a Delaware school district to conduct background investigations on employees and developed a protocol for conducting their internal inquiries.